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Autism Spectrum Disorder

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Autism awareness begins the moment you become aware of a new definition of amazing… that “normal” is just a dryer setting… that your view of the world isn’t the only view that exists… that sometimes we judge people before we truly understand them… that sometimes what we cannot see with our eyes are the things we need to really use our hearts to understand

Down Syndrome and Autism Spectrum Disorder

World Down Syndrome day is on 21 March and Autism day is on 2nd April which is celebrated all over the world every year to increase the awareness in public, parents and other Caregivers about these disorders, special needs ,care and special education of children regarding these issues. It is occurring in 1 in about every 650 live births. It is more frequent in children of older women, occurring in about 1 in 2000 live births to mothers aged 20-25 years and 1 in 30 live births to those aged 45 years or over. Whereas a prevalence rate for ASD of around 1% in high income and lower in low and middle income countries has been reported in systematic reviews. The prevalence of ASD is much higher in boys than in girls, with a ratio as high as 5-6 to 1 (Oxford Text Book of Psychiatry 7th Ed).

Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences has celebrated these two special days in Thursday group which is exclusively nominated for child mental health services in which all issues are being addressed from 8:30am to 2:00pm by doing comprehensive assessment, management, training and medical consultation along with counseling services.

Every Thursday in Department of psychiatry and behavioral sciences Thursday group is being conducted to provide services to the children having special needs. This group is conducted under the supervision of Prof Dr Imtiaz Dogar &Madam Samreen Senior Clinical Psychologist along with her team of doctors & Psychologists. In this group child is assessed in different psychological domains (Cognitive, behavioral, emotional) .psychometric tests and clinical evolution is being done according to need of each child.

After assessment training and management services are started with focus on IEPs according to child problems, IQ assessment, the behavioral management (different behavioral modifications techniques) and psychotherapy, speech language therapy services are also provided according to the need of child’s problems.
Special education referrals are entertained and their assessment is conducted on demand in which files are formulated for the purpose of giving Certificate for the admission in special education institution.

The day was celebrated on 28th March 2019 with our angel children having these issues and with parents along with head Of Department Prof Dr Imtiaz Ahmad Dogar, Clinical Psychologists, Psychiatrists & Psychiatry Residents, House Officers, Internee Psychologists and Nursing Staff.

In the beginning of the program Senior Clinical Psychologist Ms. Samreen Afzal educate the parents and audience about the issue of Down syndrome, Autism spectrum disorder and special needs of Children with these disorders. Different awareness videos related to Down syndrome and Autism were also played in Urdu to give them orientation regarding these issues.

After this Prof Dr Imtiaz Dogar highlighted the importance of these days and educates the parents. He interacted with them and encouraged the whole team regarding these services which they are giving to parents.

Dr Irum Siddiqu, Dr. Iqra Shakoor, Dr Aniqa Shafi, Dr Tooba and Clinical Psychologist Dr Nighat Haider, Ms Qurat ul Ain also shed light on the need of training and importance of treatment.

Different activities were also conducted to entertain children like Face Painting, balloon blowing and musical activities
Later the ceremony was ended on cake cutting with children and gifts were distributed in the children by seniors and staff members.

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