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Faisalabad City
Formerly Lyallpur, the city Faisalabad is located in the North East Of Pakistan in the Punjab province. It’s a rail and road junction where the city lies in an area watered by the Lower Chenab Canal. Cotton, Wheat, Sugarcane, Vegetables and Fruits are grown. Faisalabad is a main center of Textiles and Textile Products manufacturing area while other products include Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals and processed Foods as well. A local airport, which is now international, offers daily flights to all major cities of Pakistan and international flights as well. The University Of Agriculture is located here which was established in 1909. Faisalabad, the third largest city in Pakistan has estimated population of almost 2 Million citizens. Its an important center for transport and production and is located in the Punjab province where in its west the Heart Of Punjab “Lahore” is there.

Prior to the British making the area into an Urban Center, it largely consisted of various villages. However the construction of canals could allow the area to be irrigated. During the last decade of Nineteenth Century, a massive desert lying between Chenab & Ravi was brought under plough with the construction of the lower Chenab Canal making it possible to irrigate this water less wasteland. While in 1892, the colonization operations were started by the administration of Jhang district in the Punjab province and completed in 1898. Faisalabad earlier named by Lyallpur, in 1890 it became headquarters of the Lower Chenab Colony and in 1898 was incorporated as a municipality. A distributing center located in the central Punjab plain, its industries produce chemicals and synthetics, Textiles and food products. It’s a site of west Pakistan Agricultural University (1961) and a number of colleges affiliated with the University of Punjab. Founded as “Lyallpur” in 1890, the city was named for “Sir Charles James Lyall (1845 – 1920), Lieutenant Governor Of The Punjab by the British Government. Prior to the British making the area into an urban center, it largely consisted of various villages. However, the construction of various canals allowed the area to be irrigated. After the founding of the city, people were invited to the city with promises of land if they were to work it. This allowed the city to grow rapidly.

Faisalabad city has the distinction of being a seat of world famous Agricultural University and equally renowned Agricultural Research Institute, Nuclear Institute for Agriculture & Biology (NIAB) and National Institute For Biotechnology & Genetic Engineering (NIGBE). Besides the Punjab Medical College there are several other professional Universities and colleges providing education about Commerce as well as IT also. Some of them are University Of Faisalabad, Hamdard University Faisalabad Campus, Punjab Group Of Colleges, Textile Colleges, Poly Technical College, Superior Science College and many others.

Global Activities
Faisalabad has established a dry port, which Presently handles over 60 metric tons of cargo per day. The port has its own road and railroad links with Lahore, Islamabad, Peshawar and Karachi. The export Cargo at Faisalabad dry port is increasing every year. According to the Faisalabad Dry Port Trust (FDPT), it Handled l7,468 export cargo containers, worth Rs. 28,500 Million ouring the first 10 month of the current Calendar year (pfy-1999). FDPT provided lucrative Incentives to the exporters of faisalabad and offered Certain concessions in FDPT tariff to the importers. It Handled 1,847 import cargo containers during the same Period, worth Rs. 1,500 million Faisalabad.