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Pre Alumni Workshop 2018

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Conflict Resolution

You are the director of a textile factory; the workers are on strike and protesting in front of the building because your general manager had a conflict with the workers. They complained that the G.M misbehaved with a male worker and there was verbal abuse.

As the head of the factory, what strategies will you adopt to resolve this conflict?


Parents are concerned about their 02 year old son as he is unable to sit and walk without support. Moreover he is unable to utter words. He is diagnosed with Down’s syndrome. How will you inform the parents?

Breaking Bad News

A mother comes to you with her 10 years old son who has developed gradual paralysis of lower limb. She shares that eldest son died at an age of 14 due to Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. Now mother is concerned about her this son and asks you about his disease and prognosis?   

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