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Child Psychiatry Seminar

As Department has done a series of workshops on different aspects of child psychiatric areas in the year 2015 and tried to provide basic skill to professionals. Now this year department took a start on series of workshop on adult psychiatry. This workshop “Comprehensive Psychiatric Assessment (Theory & Practice)”is the Foundational block and basic building for all mental health professionals providing them skill in assessment areas. This workshop is conducted on 17-18 Feb 2016. The need of workshop is mandatory now a day to create awareness to the psychiatric residents, physicians, students of clinical psychology and general medical practitioners.

All the facilitators who organize the workshop are well renowned competent in their field, well energetic and fully motivated to provide information and facilitate all the participants in very professional way in the form of running presentations, demonstrations on original patients and activities in group.
Among the facilitators, Prof. Dr Imtiaz Ahmad Dogar, Dr Irum siddique, Ms Samreen Afzal, Dr Asif Zia Bajwa from the Department. Our guest facilitator Dr Muhammad Arshad, Associate Professor Independent Medical College, Faisalabad has a grip and command on mental state examination. He is a renowned psychiatrist and very good teacher. He participated in the workshop and gave practical demonstration on real patients.

Dr Asif Zia Bajwa is senior consultant psychiatrist of Department of Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences, DHQ/Allied Hospitals & PMC, Faisalabad. He always showed his keen interest in learning and spreading knowledge. He also gave practiced demonstration to the participants.

There were almost 80 participants of this workshop. In which 40 were active participants and rest were observers. Among them were Psychiatry PG trainees, Medicine PGs, General Physicians, General Practitioners, Senior Psychologists representative of different major institutes of Faisalabad, Clinical Psychologists and interns of clinical psychology.

This workshop was designed as 02 days activity, 1st day as history taking and 2nd day with mental state examination, activities and demonstrations.
1st day of workshop started with the Holy name of Allah Almighty and Muhammad (PBUH). The workshop was inaugurated by Dr Abdul Rauf MS DHQ Hospital, Faisalabad and all HODs from different specialties of hospital. He encouraged the efforts of organizers and also appreciated its need and importance. After gesture of thanks with flowers presented to Dr Abdul Rauf by organizers, there is formal starting of workshop.

Prof. Dr Imtiaz Ahmad Dogar highlighted the importance of history taking and the distinct qualities of mental health professionals. He emphasized how to deal with psychiatric patients, importance of presenting complaints. He not only trained participants in taking history but also how to present and record different symptomatology.

Then Dr Irum Siddique threw light on different areas of family and personal history. She educated the participants about its importance, not only in assessment but also in management prospects. Then participants were given activity in 04 groups on different areas of personal history. They prepared questions how to ask about birth, early development, education and occupation, psychosexual history and forensic & drug details. Participants actively show their interest and made questionnaire and also presented by respective group leaders.

Then Prof. Dr Imtiaz Ahmad Dogar gave practical demonstration on psychosexual history on original patients and explain participants that its very sensitive and important area of assessment and how mental health professionals should ask and explored this area on their patients. Dr Asif Zia Bajwa enlighten the area of personality assessment initially in form of theory then he demonstrate the participants how to ask questions and explore patients about their personality.
After that the psychological prospect of psychiatric assessment were highlighted by Ms Samreen Afzal. She threw light on therapeutic relationship supportive psychotherapy and role of ethics in assessing a psychiatric patient.

Day one ends on physical examination assigned to the participants in the form of activity.

2nd day started 18 Feb 2016 with full energy and passion. The objective of this day was to train participants about “how to do Mental State Examination (MSE)’’ 0f psychiatric patients. Dr Irum gave a brief view about Psychopathology and Phenomenology to the audience. She highlighted the important different terms and their use in doing MSE. Then Prof Dr Imtiaz took start about an important aspect of MSE , APPEARANCE & BEHAVIOR . He explained different areas like patient’ s facial expressions, eye contact, his social behavior, gestures , manner, posture and also different looks of patients related to different disorders in psychiatric patients.
After that activity of Demonstration was given on areas of MSE like MOOD, THOUGHTs and PERCEPTION. Dr Muhammad Arshad assessed mood & thinking on original patient, he asked questions in a very beautiful way and clear the questions to ask about Pre Occupations, Pessimism, Obsessions, Delusions, overvalued ideas and suicidal ideas. Then he explained different psychopathologies of each. The demonstration of perception was given by Dr Arshad and Dr Asif Zia Bajwa in very structure way .After completing this Dr Irum Siddique briefly describe different disorders of speech, thoughts and perception in the form of running presentation to aware the participants about underlying psychopathology. After that participants were given activity to construct Questionnaire about mood, delusion, diff b/w hallucinations and psudohallucinations, and cognitive triad. They enjoyed the activity and each group presented very well.

Tea was served on the table to the participants while doing this activity. After that Prof Dr Imtiaz highlighted the areas like Cognitive functions, abstract thinking to the participants. He actively engaged the audience, taught them the importance and practically demonstrated these areas. Dr Imtiaz & Dr Asif Bajwa threw light on importance of how to assess the Insight of Psychiatric patient, its value in treatment. At end Dr Irum explained the participants that after taking history and MSE how they can formulate different cases according to different classification system like ICD-10 & DSM 5. She explained the importance of case formulation including diagnosis, Etiology and management plan for a patient. After that feedback was taken from the participants verbally and in written form. Also discuss with them the future agenda of next workshop and their areas of interest.

The concluding ceremony was chaired by Prof Dr Asghar Butt HOD Paeds Department and Regional Director CPSP center Faisalabad. He highly appreciated the efforts of organizers and also highlighted the importance of this workshop. Certificates were distributed to all the participants and lunch was served.
As Department of Psychiatry& Behavioral Sciences PMC FSD has announced a series of workshops so after this soon department will organize next workshop on different areas regarding Research, Disorders of adult Psychiatry, management plan, different Psychotherapies and will intimate other psychiatry and psychology departments for participation and collaboration.

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