Department of Psychaitry & Behavioral Sciences is presently also hosting office secretariat of official Journal of Pakistan Psychiatric Society (JPPS).  JPPS is recognized by Pakistan Medical and Dental council & Higher Education Commission, Pakistan. Indexed in WHO Index Medicus (IMEMR).  

Many research activities are being carried out in the Department; current area of focus is comorbidity is psychiatry and physical disorders and drug dependence. Multiple studies have been published in reputed journals and others are in the pipeline. International research links has been established with different consultants working overseas.


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1. Socio demographic Profile Among Patients who Has Depression with Suicide Intent presented at Departments of Psychiatry LUMS, SCJIP, Hyderabad and DHQ Hospital/ PMC Faisalabad.
2. Job Satisfaction of physicians and teachers on regular verses contract basis jobs.
 3. Personality Traits of the Adjusted and Maladjusted Medical Students in Punjab Medical College, Faisalabad, Pakistan


1.Psycho-social risk factors of migraine.
2.Therapeutic concerns of thousand nights and one night, A psycho analytic view.
3.Sindabad adventures, Use of negative transference in ‘nights’.
4.Externalizing vs internalizing: exploring the two extremes of personality disorder in endogenous perspective.

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